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Meyer, Stephenie. Twilight. New York: Little, Brown and Company, 2005. Print. 

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Annotation: A young girl moves to Forks, Washington to live with her estranged father and becomes attracted to a young boy who is not at all what he seems.

Book talk: Bella Swan is your typical teenage girl, average looks, average smarts, just all around average…but her life changes irrevocably when she moves to Forks, Washington and meets the impossibly beautiful Edward Cullen, a hundred year old vampire. The two immediately form a deep connection; however their love is tested by Edward’s supernatural world. 
“Be very still,” he whispered, as if I wasn’t already frozen.
Slowly, never moving his eyes from mine, he leaned toward me. Then abruptly, but very gently, he rested his cold cheek against the hollow at the base of my throat.
I was quite unable to move, even if I’d wanted to…With deliberate slowness, his hands slid down the sides of my neck. I shivered, and I heard him catch his breath…His face drifted to the side, his nose skimming across my collarbone. He came to rest with the side of his face pressed tenderly against my chest.
Listening to my heart. (p. 275-276)

Although this type of scenario has been done before, Meyer adds a few twists that make this story all her own, such as vampires transferring dangerous venom to their victims when bitten and sparkling (instead of bursting into flames) in sunlight.

ISBN:  0316160172 

Subject Headings: Vampires – Fiction, High School – Fiction, Washington (state) – Fiction

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  1. I read Twilight in fifth, sixth and seventh grade. I love the series, it's one of my favorite. I reccommend reading the entire Twilight series if you like fiction, romance and suspense.