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Volponi, Paul. Rooftop. New York: Viking, 2006. Print.

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Annotation: Though they haven’t seen each other in a while, Clay and his cousin Addison are reunited at Daytop, a treatment program in New York City that both boys attend. One night, the African American boys are involved in an incident that leaves Addison dead and Clay questioning family, racism, and justice.

Book talk: “The cops stood me up fast, with my hands still cuffed behind me, and everything started spinning. There was somebody standing on either side of me, holding me straight.

And I thought I was going to throw up.

They took me past Addison. He was covered up with a white sheet.

At the doorway, I looked straight down the stairs and thought they were shoving me headfirst off a cliff. So I turned my feet into solid blocks. I looked back at Addison and cried out, “Flesh and blood! Flesh and blood!”” (p. 76-77)

Clay and Addison are cousins, but more like brothers. When Addison is shot and killed by a white police officer, Clay is caught between wanting to do what is right and wanting justice.

ISBN:  0670060690 

Subject Headings: Death – Juvenile fiction, Race relations – Juvenile fiction, African Americans – Juvenile fiction, Drug abuse – Juvenile fiction, Rehabilitation – Juvenile fiction  

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