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The Fetch

Whitcomb, Laura. The fetch. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009. Print.

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Annotation: Calder is a fetch, or a death escort, who falls in love with Alexandra, wife of Czar Nicholas, last emperor of Russia, which sets off a series of events that could potentially destroy both heaven and earth.

Book talk: Are you someone who enjoys a good mystery? Have you ever wondered why investigators were unable to locate the bodies of Alexis and Anastasia, the children of Czar Nicholas who were executed along with the rest of the last reigning royal family? Then The Fetch is the book you’ve been looking for!

Set in the time of the Russian Revolution, The Fetch tells the story of Calder, a ghost who escorts souls to Heaven after a person has chosen death. Upon the death bed of a young boy, he is immediately drawn to the child’s mother, whom is calls Glory. Although the boy wishes to die, Calder refuses to take him. That child is Alexi, who battles hemophilia, and Glory is his mother, Alexandra, wife to the last emperor of Russia.

Calder wants to remain by Glory’s side so he decides to enter the body of Rasputin, after the man is killed. Only Anastasia, the Czar’s youngest daughter, is able to see that Rasputin is not quite the same as he was before. And because of Calder’s actions, Alexi and Anastasia are unable to die during the execution that ultimately kills the remaining Romanov family members. As a result, a rift occurs between Heaven and Earth and Calder, accompanied by Alexi and Anastasia, must set things right. 

ISBN:  9780618891313   

Subject Headings: Future life – Fiction, Death – Fiction, Anastasia, Grand Duchess, daughter of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, 1901-1918 – Fiction, Aleksei Nikoaevich, Czarevitch, son of Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, 1904-1918 – Fiction, Rasputin, Grigori Efimovich, ca. 1870-1916 – Fiction, Russia (Federation) – History – Revolution – 1917-1921 – Fiction

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